Aicha & Bass Lo of Coquette Kouture

Coquettekouture™ is a Los Angeles-based boutique specializing in creating one-of-a-kind wearable art that celebrates African culture.

All of our clothing is designed by West African natives Bass and Aicha Lo using fabric Bass hand-selects from his home town in Senegal. Each piece is made by hand by friends and family in Senegal or by us in our Inglewood store.

Bass studied traditional Senegalese clothing design under the tutelage of his uncle. During that apprenticeship, he learned every aspect of the creation process, from sketching and design to pattern making, draping, grading, cutting, and sewing.

Bass and Aicha bring a lifetime passion for fashion and West African culture to each piece of clothing we make. Because of this artistic, handcrafted creation process, each item empowers the wearer with a sense of individual uniqueness blended with Africa’s rich cultural history.

With Bass growing up in Senegal and Aicha in Benin, we always heard about the American Dream: If you work hard, you can achieve your dreams.

Since we moved here nearly 30 years ago, our clothing has been the gateway to that dream.

We’ve worked hard and continue to take great pride in our unique designs and world-class craftsmanship.

A little bit of love and history goes into everything we make.

When you buy and wear our clothing or accessories, we believe our lives become intertwined. Your clothing becomes more than clothing. It becomes an expression of who you genuinely are…

On the inside and outside.

Thank you for your support.