Aicha & Bass Lo of Couquette Kouture

Why do we do what we do?

Bass and Aicha Lo, a West African husband-wife duo, founded Coquettekouture™ to create innovative and modern fashions that pay homage to traditional African designs. We want to empower the wearer with beautiful hand-made clothing and accessories that will not only honor African heritage but be treasured for a lifetime.


What influences our collections?

With Bass being born and raised in Senegal and Aicha in Benin, our rich cultural histories have played a significant role in our fashions.

For centuries, African clothing has been a symbol of creativity and emotions. What you choose to wear represents who you are -- both inside and out.

That’s why we choose colorful and elaborate prints made in Senegal and design our clothing with a sprinkle of Western style. This blending of traditional and modern makes Coquettekouture™ apparel the perfect choice for casual and formal wear.


What makes us different?

We understand that choosing and buying African garments means more than simply choosing a style that flatters you. We design our clothing for various shapes, sizes, and personalities. We are continually adding new designs to our collections every month.

We are also proud that all of our clothes are made in our Inglewood boutique and by friends and family members back in Senegal. Each piece of Coquettekouture™ is created with love and old-world craftsmanship.